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Geothermal Air Conditioning Systems

These systems use the constant temperature of the earth several feet below ground to achieve highly efficient heating and air conditioning processes. Federal tax credits are available.

The Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning or HVAC system is typically the highest energy consumer of an entire home. These systems include the compression and expansion of refrigerant gases, the operation of large fan motors, and potentially the combustion of fossil fuels for heat, in order to keep home occupants at a desired comfortable temperature. One of the most efficient HVAC systems, a geothermal heat pump, involves a heat exchange loop buried in the ground where refrigerant gases use the constant temperature of the earth to release or extract heat to condition the living space. While this type of system is more costly than the traditional, there is a federal tax incentive for 30% of the system cost. It can be used for hydronic (water sourced) radiant heating systems, and domestic hot water at higher efficiencies than separate conventional systems.

When a highly efficient HVAC system is used in a well-insulated home, operating costs are greatly reduced. Fort Hill Construction has experience with cutting edge geothermal HVAC systems, as well as high efficiency conventional systems using environmentally sound refrigerants.

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Geothermal Air Conditioning Systems