Green Building

Grey Water Re-use

Wastewater from hand washing, laundry, and bathing can be collected and treated onsite for subterranean irrigation. This allows the water to be recycled instead of being flushed down the drain.

Another method for reducing the demand on our drinking water supply in the arid Southern California region is through water re-use. Water from our sinks, showers, and clothes washers is what qualifies as grey water. Using traditional construction methods, this water would normally enter the sewer system without an option for re-use. However, when collected, filtered, and treated onsite, it is safe for use with high efficiency subterranean irrigation systems. This allows the water to be used twice before returning to the earth.

The average home in the U.S. uses 57% of its potable water for outdoor use, much of which is lost to run-off and evaporation. Fort Hill Construction has experience with greywater systems for use with landscape irrigation, to keep landscaping green with recycled water.

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Grey Water