Green Building


For the average home a photovoltaic array will pay for itself in 8-10 years; free from all utility charges as well as substantially increasing resale property value – federal tax credits and rebates are available.

Southern California is an ideal geographic location for using the sun’s energy. The term “solar” is commonly understood as using energy from the sun to produce electricity. In fact this term only refers to the energy source, and typical residential solar applications fall into two categories, photovoltaic (PV) and solar thermal.

While the sun is shining, photovoltaic panels produce electricity, reducing the load on the electrical grid. With a PV array there is virtually no power loss before it is used in a home, while average utility power has a 72.5% energy loss prior to reaching the user.

The most important factor to remember when considering a solar array for a home is that the source of the energy is free. The return on investment for a system that may last 20+ years is 8 to 10 years.

PV systems prove to be a worthwhile investment, as they provide a degree of independence from the grid, a satisfying return on investment at current energy prices, and a more efficient means to power our homes. Substantial state rebates and federal tax credits are available for any renewable energy system. Fort Hill Construction has helped to design and install PV systems on many of our clients’ homes.

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