Green Building

Solar Hot Water and Hydronic Heating

A solar thermal system commonly uses flat plate collectors to absorb heat that is used for hot water, radiant hydronic heating, and pool heating. The sun’s energy is free – federal tax credits and rebates are available.

In our region, it is sunny for 75% of the daylight hours. A solar thermal system takes advantage of this time and absorbs heat energy from the sun that is commonly used for domestic hot water and pool heating.

Even on cool winter days a solar thermal array absorbs heat from the sun. Only in the event that the sun does not shine for several days and the hot water needs of the home are not met, will the system use natural gas or electric heating for backup purposes.
The most important factor to remember when considering a solar array for a home is that the source of the energy is free. The return on investment for a system that may last 20+ years is 6 to 8 years.

Solar thermal systems prove to be a worthwhile investment, as they provide a degree of independence from the grid, a satisfying return on investment at current energy prices, and a more efficient means to heat water in our homes. Substantial state rebates and federal tax credits are available for solar hot water systems. Fort Hill Construction has helped to design and install these systems on many of our clients’ homes.

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Solar Hot Water and Hydronic Heating