45 Years & Counting //
With current and past clients that easily represent some of the most prominent in business and entertainment across the globe, Fort Hill Construction had a humble start. The founders began learning to build while renovating their own personal homes in Boston Massachusetts. Devoting themselves initially to custom cabinetry then evolving into the highest quality workmanship in all of the trades. Close friends, who admired their work and devotion to detail, urged this family of craftsmen to help them with their homes as well.

So, in the early 1970’s, Fort Hill Construction began as a small business with a love of fine craftsmanship and a close personal approach to each project. Since 1974, the company headquarters has been Los Angeles California, although many hand-selected projects have been built in New York, Boston and Mexico over the years. And while the company has grown substantially, it has remained a family business, devoted and working together cohesively with their clients.

By Referral Only //
Long-term dedication has led to Fort Hill’s expansion solely through the power of personal referral from satisfied clientele. And Fort Hill’s deliberate choice to not overbook allows the builders to be open to previous clients as their tastes change, another home is purchased or even smaller needs arise quickly.

They are able to faithfully translate an architect’s vision because for over four decades they have cultivated and refined strong, often exclusive relationships with the very best subcontractors in Southern California. Whether it’s preserving the integrity of a historic landmark, breathing life into an innovative design dreamed up by a Pritzker Prize-winning architect or achieving old world craftsmanship long considered a lost art, Fort Hill’s reputation is “plan, execute and deliver perfection”.

In The Press //
A look at the Press section will illustrate that Fort Hill’s dedication and attention to detail has paid off immeasurably. Countless features, articles, write-ups and mentions in some of the most prestigious and noteworthy magazines, trade publications and reference guides have easily solidified Fort Hill’s position as the lead luxury builder in the Los Angeles area. Their clientele is easily some of the most successful entertainment, banking and tech business leaders in the country, thus demanding an excellence that few can provide. For four decades these titans of industry have continuously turned to Fort Hill to deliver their distinguished and demanding projects with precision.

Here & Now //
Fort Hill offers expertise in all phases of construction from concept to completion, including project development, cost analysis, project management and green building consulting, with many current projects incorporating sustainable means and methods.

On site project managers, carefully monitor, manage and streamline projects to meet strict deadlines while ensuring top level work. Whether construction of an elaborate new house or a simple kitchen remodel they treat each project as they have for over forty years, just if it were their own home.