New Construction

Every large Fort Hill project is run by a senior Project Manager who has a minimum of ten years experience with the company. In many cases this Project Manager is one of the founding partners. The Project Manager handles finances and overall management of the work. He is responsible for reviewing all Payment Applications, writing weekly memos which update the owner on any design questions or project developments that may affect the budget or schedule, and maintaining a budget review process. Fort Hill holds regular site meetings with the Owner and/or architect/designer to review job progress and design questions.

Our projects are staffed to ensure the highest standards of quality and efficiency. Depending on the size and scope of the project, the site team can include a full time, highly experienced Supervisor, Assistant Supervisor and Documents Manager, and laborers. We have trained Document Managers that coordinate all financial and construction paperwork and provide documentation that is detailed, timely and consistent. The site team maintain a clean, protected and well-organized jobsite – one of the hallmarks of a Fort Hill project.


Fort Hill Construction has over thirty years of experience in remodeling older residences, renovating the facade and reconstructing the interiors without altering the original integrity of the home. On-site procedures, meeting protocols and paperwork used for new construction projects are tailored to meet the needs of every remodel project, as well as the clients’ preferences. When a client remains in their home during an extensive remodel, we take extra care to design a schedule that accommodates theirs.

On residential remodels, where a full onsite office may not be needed, we maintain one or more full time supervisors on site at all times, but the financial and overall project management is handled by a Project Manager based in the Fort Hill Office. In this way, we are able to couple our high standards of construction with cost-efficient management.


We consider a project as only the beginning of a long relationship with our clients. Therefore, we established our Service Department to provide personnel who are consistently available to attend to their service needs of all our clients. Fort Hill’s skilled workers are ready to meet any need for example replacing an electrical circuit breaker, or something more extensive like a deck addition.

Much of the service work is handled by our own carpenter/handymen, who travel in trucks equipped to handle a wide range of maintenance and emergency situations. The service manager may also schedule work with other trusted tradesmen or subcontractors, as deemed necessary. If the house was one that Fort Hill worked on previously, the supervisor who worked on that original project is kept informed of these requests and is available for consultation or advice. Thus, our clients benefit from having the service work performed by the people who are most familiar with their homes.